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Limo Hire Services was formed to provide an exceptionally high quality limo hire service nationally.
We recognised the need to deliver a quality limousine service to the whole of the UK and expand on the ground-shifting achievements of the previous years.
We have integrated the best of new digital technology to ensure that the whole of the UK can enjoy a luxury vehicle experience, with incomparable service and exceptional value.

Team Nick and Deda Clarke Nick and Deda Clark have over 30 years experience in the limosine industry and are hugely respected as a driving force for positive change in this business. They are passionate about limosines. and what they don't know about a stretch or hummer is simply not workt knowing !

Simon Hinton Simon Hinton is a leading UK entrepreneur with global business interests that span several industries. He is fanatical about great service and works in the marketing and the corporate development/business expansion side of Limo Hire Services.

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LHS co-founders Nick and Deda Clarke had spent over a decade building up a highly successful local limousine operation, Star Limousines, in Sussex. Their business model was built on the founding principle of providing a consistently high, quality service to all customers. As a result their reputation as an honest and exceptionally well-managed operation grew quickly, and they fast became the number one premium limo operator in the South East.
As Star Limousines grew so did their sister business, Limo World UK, importing and exporting American stretch limousines.
Nick could see the industry had huge room for vehicle improvement and saw a massive gap in the market for new, legal, safe, limousines for the growing number of operators, and to meet the new legislation for UK and Europe from VOSA the Governing Body.
Nick began working directly with VOSA in the UK and Krystal Enterprises, the biggest limousine manufacturer in the world, to build UK/ European compliant limousines.
As a result Limo World UK became the sole agent to sell Krystal Enterprises products in Europe, the UK and the Far East.
The process from build to legal certification took 18 months. It was a fantastic accomplishment. Nick's desire to pull the limousine industry out of the dark ages had become a reality.

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